Water by the Spoonful

Written by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Directed by Mary Hodges

March 18, 2021
March 19, 2021
March 20, 2021

Performances begin at 8:00 PM EST. Please click on your preferred date to reserve virtual access. All tickets are free. 

Water by the Spoonful tells the story of familial bonds. It is a story rooted in trauma, addiction, love, inner ghosts, personal demons, forgiveness, redemption, identity, and culture. Hudes’ Ortiz family may mirror a family we know: broken, but surviving. Is being Americanized and following society’s rules enough? How many of us spend more than 50% of our time bonding with avatars on Instagram, Twitter, and various chat rooms instead of connecting to the real world, with real people? Is this ok? Is it humanly sustainable?

Scenic Design: Clint Ramos & Claire Kramer
OBS Specialist: John Kolbinski
Costume Design: Rodrigo Munoz
Lighting Design: Vittoria Orlando
Sound Design: Amelia Way
Production Stage Manager: Shannah Harris

Pedro González
Stephanie Sanchez
Ana Sophia Colón
David Wilson
Kana Seiki
Cason Doyle
Saman Peyman