Studio Season: Spring 2023

  • Tickets to Studio shows are free to all and can be reserved via the links below.
  • Masks are optional. If you are bringing a non-Fordham community guest, they must present proof of vaccination and a valid city, state, or federal ID.


By Aleshea Harris
Directed by Jayda Jones

Tyler Isiah Bey, Arden Carethers, Trystan Edwards, Moriah Groff, Emmanuel Okeke, Jaden Perez, Nina Polaris, and Kenyon Terrell

Aleshea Harris explores the ancient, the modern, the mythic, and the epic in her darkly comedic, tragic, and unapologetic play, Is God Is. Explored through heightened language aided by artistic typography, the play is about two abandoned twin sisters who’ve paved their way through life with visible burns and scars. Having already gone through the trauma of raising themselves and one another, they find out that their parents are not only alive, but that their father’s vengeance is what sparked the fire that displaced them. With their mother on her deathbed, will they fulfill her dying wish by killing their only other biological parent and the do-over family he has replaced them with?

This show contains descriptions and depictions of violence, suicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, childhood trauma, narcissistic parenting, internalized anti-Blackness, misogyny, murder, and explicit language.

Email to get on the wait list.

Kehoe Theatre | 113 West 60th Street

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 @ 7:30 PM
Wednesday, February 22nd @ 7:30 PM
Wednesday, February 22nd @ 11:00 PM (Students ONLY)
Thursday, February 23rd @ 7:30 PM


Mary Olivette Bookman, Assistant Director
Sophia Gayoso-Nordling, Dramaturg and Assistant Production Manager
Aurora Winger, Associate Producer
Tzipporah Goins, Associate Producer
Raekwon Fuller, Fight Choreographer
Juju Jaworski, Intimacy Choreographer
Saz Swart and Will Rossiter, Lighting Supervisors
Raina Williams, Assoc. Lighting Designer
Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Assoc. Lighting Designer
Amara Payton McNeil, Lighting Consultant
Ara Tandon, Assistant Lighting Consultant
Sabina Ali, Sound Designer
Jaden Perez, Asst. Sound Designer
Elian Rivera, Asst. Sound Designer
Raquel Sklar, Set Designer
Harry Cooper, Costume Designer
Arielle Schmid, Asst. Costume Designer and Makeup Designer
Anna Helldorfer, Asst. Makeup Designer
Izzi Budetti, Makeup Assistant
Manon McCollum, Props Designer
Alex Alipio, Projection Designer
Kamau Nosakhere, Asst. Projection Designer
Pradanya Subramanyan, Production Stage Manager
Raina Williams and Lisa V. Felson, Assistant Stage Managers
Kenyon Terrell, Social Media Manager
Saz Zwart, Production Manager
Brian Tong, Production Assistant


By Federico García Lorca
Directed by Asa Nestlehutt
Music by Nate Dallimore

Anne Lois Bullington, Jack Clark, McKenna Dixon, Emma Durocher, Alex Shayeb, and Giordana Simurdiak.

Set in Alanducía, Spain in the tense years before the Spanish Civil War, three families vie for love and control as they navigate the confines of society. With a landscape of poetic imagery, Lorca creates a fluid blend of poetry and plot, building to the play’s tragic conclusion. Providing a lucid vision of a people gripped by passion, fighting against the constraints of a society that seems made to trap them. Lorca asks how we can rise above the limitations of the world and in the face of division and pain challenges us to live and love boldly.

Whitebox Theatre | 113 West 60th Street

Monday, February 27th @ 7:30 PM
Wednesday, March 1st @ 7:30 PM
Friday, March 3rd at @ 7:30 PM


Sam Bohrer, Choreographer
Asa Nestlehutt and Ash Daniels, Producers
Milagros Luis, Asst. Director
Abigail Lo, Intimacy Choreographer
Pradanya Subramanyan, Asst. Intimacy Choreographer
Raekwon Fuller, Fight Choreographer
Fabiola Arias, Dramaturg
Lee Lillis, Lighting Designer
Elijah Warrington, Assoc. Lighting Designer
Nate Dallimore, Sound Designer/Music Director
Maia Kraskoukas, Asst. Sound Designer
Haley Crawford, Set Designer
Isaac Davis, Technical Director
Jack Kelly, Associate Set Designer
Katie Bartlett, Costume Designer
Yev Gelman, Graphic Designer
Jessica Stekloff, Assistant Costume Designer
Ash Daniels, Production Stage Manager
Rooke Lewis, Stage Manager
Julia Walker, Production Manager
Ian Rios, Assistant Production Manager


By Vivienne Blouin
Directed by Cora Therber

Vivi Aiello, Yasemin Cem, and Riley Halpern

When a former pageant star moves back in with her mother and sister, disputes new and old surface. They must navigate complex beauty and gendered expectations, alcoholism, financial issues, diet culture, love, loss, and family dynamics against the backdrop of southern culture. WHEN BIRDS DON’T FLY is a one-act play that encompasses all of the joys, griefs, and pop culture references of years past. 

Body image/dysmorphia, alcoholism, disordered eating, reference to depression and anxiety.

Whitebox Theatre | 113 West 60th Street

Tuesday, February 28th @ 7:30 PM
Thursday, March 2nd @ 7:30 PM
Saturday, March 4th @ 7:30 PM

Coming soon! A portion of ticket sales will support Friends of Recovery NY.

Kana Seiki, Assistant Director
Cora Therber and Vivi Blouin, Producers
Lee Lillis, Lighting Designer
Ryann Murphy, Sound Designer
Kat Fosmoen and Leah Getz, Assistant Sound Designers
Quinn Horner, Set Designer
Christian Caro and Helen Hylton, Assistant Scenic Designers
Peter Chan, Costume Designer
Teri Salmon, Assistant Costume Designer
Leela Kiyawat, Props Designer
Isabella Acuña, Assistant Props Designer
Olive Fox, Production Stage Manager
Laney Schwantes, Stage Manager
Lily Resnik, Assistant Stage Manager
Julia Walker, Production Manager
Ian Rios, Assistant Production Manager


By Iz Gonzalez
Directed by Yev Gelman

Evan Cain, Marco Lizarraga, Kamau Nosakhere, and Kenyon Terrell

Inner Child Under the Sun (IS-US) is a two-week Big Brother-like, sleepaway summer camp, where young adults are paired up with children to engage in typical summer camp activities like arts and crafts, rock climbing and hiking. While the young adult or “Core” is meant to reconnect with their inner child, they also serve as a mentor for the “Child” partner. When Alex, a jobless college graduate, is chosen as one of the Cores, he doesn’t expect to lose track of time & memory with a kid that seems eerily familiar. The lovechild of Midsommar, Get Out, and The Sixth Sense, AND THIS IS WHERE WE is a psychological dramedy that invites you to question what makes us become who we are and what we leave behind.

Coming soon!

Whitebox Theatre | 113 West 60th Street

Thursday, April 20th @ 7:30 PM
Friday, April 21st @ 7:30 PM
Saturday, April 22nd @ 7:30 PM

Coming soon!

Anna Mayo, Assistant Director
Yev Gelman and Iz Gonzalez, Producers
Skyler Purvis, Dramaturg
Saz Zwart, Lighting Designer
Aurora Winger, Asst. Lighting Designer
Caroline Pastilha, Costume Designer
Sam Deetjen, Set Designer
Cade Parker, Asst. Set Designer
Rooke Lewis, Costume Designer
Lyss Witvoet, Props Designer
Ara Tandon, Production Stage Manager
Ian Rios and Kei Sugae, Asst. Stage Managers
Julia Walker, Production Manager


By Sarah Ruhl
Directed by JuJu Jaworski

Melissa Bautista, Matthew Bowen, Caroline Pastilha, Saman Peyman, Spenser Valentine, and Grace Walworth

An incessantly ringing cell phone in a quiet café. A stranger at the next table who has had enough. And a dead man – with a lot of loose ends. Jean picks up Gordon’s phone and suddenly becomes enwrapped in his life – between his mother, his widow, his brother, and his work associates. Jean finds herself entangled in a romantic relationship with Gordon’s brother, Dwight, and upon learning Gordon sells organs on the black market, just as entangled in his work. A play about how we memorialize the dead – and how that remembering changes us – it is the odyssey of a woman forced to confront her own assumptions about morality, redemption, and the need to connect in a technologically obsessed world.

Coming soon!

Whitebox Theatre | 113 West 60th Street

Monday, April 24th @ 7:30 PM
Wednesday, April 26th @ 7:30 PM
Friday, April 28th @ 7:30 PM

Coming soon!

Lisa Felson, Asst. Director
JuJu Jaworski, Producer
Raekwon Fuller and Scott Yezzi, Fight Choreographers
JuJu Jaworski and Pradanya Subramanyan, Intimacy Choreographers
Sophia Grausso, Dramaturg
Will Rossiter, Lighting Designer
Lee Lillis, Sound Designer
Katie Curran, Associate Sound Designer
Nicolette Nuziato, Assistant Sound Designer
Helen Hylton and Claire Kramer
Amy Orner, Costume Designer
Yvanna Tassy and Leela Kiyawat, Props Designer
Scott Yezzi, Production Stage Manager
Julia Walker, Stage Manager
Jessica Stekloff, Assistant Stage Manager
Saz Zwart, Production Manager


By Laurel Mora
Directed by Fabiola Arias

Sawyer Barth, Isabella Gallegos, Matt Green, and Dailey Ward

Elijah’s been having nightmares. Every night when he dreams, he sees himself and his wife, Amanda, coming to their untimely demise in various grisly manners. Elijah’s visions of death begin bleeding into his day to day life, and he begins to turn to metaphysical methods in an effort to find the cause of his condition. As a rift between Amanda and Elijah grows as they both stubbornly stick to their different approaches and mentalities to dealing with Elijah’s condition, past wounds bubble up to the surface. Will Elijah and Amanda struggle break free from the cycle or succumb to being trapped for all eternity?

Coming soon!

Kehoe Theatre | 113 West 60th Street

Tuesday, April 25th @ 7:30 PM
Thursday, April 27th @ 7:30 PM
Thursday, April 27th @ 7:30 PM (Students ONLY)
Saturday, April 29th @ 7:30 PM 

Coming soon!

Fabiola Aria and Laurel Mora, Producers
Skyler Purvis, Dramaturg
Luke Willson, Lighting Designer
Anna Mayo and Stanley Gagner, Sound Designers
Helen Hylton and Claire Kramer, Set Designers
Katie Bartlett, Costume Designer
Rooke Lewis, Props Designer
Sara Hecht, Asst. Props Designer
Sam Deetjan, Projection Designer
Zac Zwart, Production Manager