Peter McNally



The Electric Baby Henry Fordham University / Pirrone Yousefzadeh
White People Martin Fordham University / Elizabeth Margid
Three Sisters (devised) Andrey, et al. Moscow Art Theatre / Sergei Zemstov
The Bald Soprano Mr. Martin Fordham University / Katherine Barton
The Swan Kevin Fordham University / Jose Gamo
Pocket Universe Trilogy Hank, et al. Fordham University / Jenny Kessler
Mr. Marmalade Bradley Fordham University / Drew Jones
Bishop David Fordham University / Seret Scott


Mixtape Marauders Patrick Peter Edlund / Ind. (Short)


The Square Root of Three Sisters Soldier Yale School of Drama / Arts and Ideas Festival
Dmitry Krymov


Fordham University at Lincoln Center B.A. Theatre (Performance Track)
Moscow Art Theatre
Acting: Tina Benko, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Stephanie DiMaggio, Steven Skybell, George Drance, Matthew Maguire, Sergei Zemstov

Special Skills

Drums, Improvisation, Props, Stage Combat Training, Droznin Acrobatics