Natalia Lee

Height: 5’ 2”
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

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My Papier Mache Monster Perversion Dir. Ashlyn Frank Fordham University
The Wolves #8 Dir. Alicia House Fordham University
Satellites Mrs. Chae Dir. Sonoko Kawahara Fordham University
Aurora Fra Bergen, or, Ibsanity Angelica the Spider Dir. Sarah Wansley Fordham University
Three Sisters Olga Dir. Ilja Bocharnikovs Moscow Art Theatre
Jekyll and Hyde Hyde Dir. Tracey Foster Friends Academy
Hello Dolly Ermengarde Dir. Tracey Foster Friends Academy
Neverwhere Angel Dir. Andrew Geha Friends Academy


Fordham University Lincoln Center B.A. in Theatre Performance
Matthew Maguire, Tina Benko, Dawn Akemi Saito, George Drance, Andrea Haring, Daniel
Alexander Jones, Richard Topol, and Cassandra Freeman

Moscow Art Theatre, Fall 2018
Ilja Bocharnikovs, Sergei Shchedrin, Vladimir Sazhin, Batraz Zaseev, and Aloyna Khovanskaya.

Special Skills

Droznin movement, Piano (15 years), Dialects (Standard RP, Korean, Chinese), Stage combat
(Hand-to-hand), Choreographer, Basic hand puppeteering, Basic ukulele