Kendra Hall

Height: 6’0”
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

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As You Like It Rosalind London Dramatic Academy Zoe Waites
Feast: A Performance Series Dancer Under St. Marks Meghan McCLeod
Fade to White Mary Fordham University Gus Hagerty
The Lost Colony Actor Technician Waterside Theatre Ira David Wood III


[World War <3] Michelle Fordham University Elizabeth Rogers
The Face of Her Rejection Christine Chubbuck Starr Bar Dan Rodaire


Fordham University B.A. Theatre Performance Matthew Maguire, Dawn Saito, Tina Benko,
Daniel Alexander Jones, Andrea Haring, Elizabeth Eckert
London Dramatic Academy Kathryn Pogson, Zoe Waits, Kat Hicks
South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities Daniel Murray, Jayce Tromsness, Rhonda Alan Murray, Candace Dickinson

Special Skills

Valid Driver’s License, Color Guard (marching band), International Phonetic Alphabet, Singing, Whistling. Standard Irish Dialect, RP, Standard London Accent. Training in Period Dance (Waltz, Polka, Minuet, Elizabethan, and Victorian Era). Ballet and Modern Training. Ice Skating. Live Burn Stunt. Basic skills in electrics and power tools.