Evan Sibley


Hair: Blonde   Eyes: Hazel
Voice: F2-F4   Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165


Abandoned Matt Wes Palmer/ Wes Palmer Film
The Devoured Jacob Wes Palmer/ Wes Palmer Film
Take a Risk Rick Gregg Ellson / Pablo Panda Prod.


The Orphan of Zhao Tu’an Gu Ma Yi Theater Company / Ralph Peña
Fit For a King Daniel Primary Stages / Kel Haney
Ventura James Primary Stages / Knud Adams
I Can Sing an Opera Rollie Indipendant / Andrea Andresakis
Ugly Lies the Bone Stevie Fordham University / Jedidiah Schultz
Lullabies and Broken Things James Fordham University / Dan Winerman
In the Heart of America Boxler Fordham University / Jose Gamo
Eigengrau Tim Muffin Fordham University / Maryn Shaw
Reckless Roy/Tim Timko/Talk Show Host Fordham University / Patrick Dooley
Non Tutti i Ladri Vegono per Nuocere Antonio Fordham University Italy / Harry Dreyfuss
DC Jacob Fordham University / Jenni Meador
The Mystery of Irma Vep Lady Enid/Nicodemus/Alcazar etc. The Little Theatre Company / Peter Atlas
A Little Night Music Frederik Not Ready for NYU Players / Peter Atlas
The Mikado Koko SPArC / Lauren Sprague


Fordham University, BA Acting
Acting: Acting: Kenny Leon, Tina Benko, Stephanie Dimmaggio, Steven Skybell, Allison Fraser, Rich Topol, George Drance, Dawn Saito, Matthew Maguire
Linklater: Andrea Harring, Alyssa Ciccarelo, Dianna Schoenborn

Fordham London Dramatic Academy
Acting: Kathy Pogson, Yolanda Vasquez, Aoife Smyth, Rosamund Shelley
Movement: Dee Purrett (Alexander), Gordon Kemp, Angela Hardcastle, Hannah Vincent, Ally Cologna (Lecoq)
Voice/Dialect: Simon Money, Nick DiCola
Private Voice Lessons: John Labella

Special Skills

Valid US Passport, Licensed Driver, Dialects (RP English, London, Northern English), Bass-Baritone Singing, Stage Combat (Rapier/Broadsword/Hand to hand), Choral Singing, Basic French, Latin, Italian, Clowning, Improvisation, Handstand Walking