Elka Chowdhury


Height: 5’2″ | Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown | Voice Part: Soprano w/ belt

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Cassiopeia Odetta Kendall Allen, Fordham University
Cockfight Santa Barbara Anna Brenner, Fordham University
Blood Wedding Mother-In-Law Garrett Kim, Fordham University
In the Heart of America Fairouz Jose Gamo, Fordham University
The Great American Novel Project Actor 1 Garrett Kim, Fordham University
The Skin of Our Teeth Moses/Refugee/Vocalist Taibi Magar, Fordham University
South Pacific Liat Ray Yucis, Leonia Summer Stage


Applesauce Student Onur Tukel


Alice in Wonder How I Can… Dodo/Tweedle Dum Dave Stishan, MidCity Productions
Branwell (and other Brontes) Elizabeth Mandy Heiser, Tribe Theatre Co.

Education & Training

Fordham University: BA Theatre Performance

Acting: Tina Benko, Alison Fraser, Dawn Saito, Matthew Maguire, Maria Christina Oliveras

Voice & Speech: Andrea Haring, Grace Zandarski

Movement: Teva Bjerken, Dawn Saito

Classical & Musical Theatre Vocal Technique: Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek

Bergen County Academies –Academy for Visual and Performing Arts

Acting: Rebecca Strum, Victoria Pero, Stephen Kaplan

Voice & Speech: Victoria Pero

Movement: Victoria Pero

Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap: Laurie Crochet

Classical & Musical Theatre Vocal Technique: Hanne Dolasse


Movement: traditional Balinese dance (training 3 yrs), Vinyasa yoga
Languages: conversational Spanish, conversational Indonesian, reads Arabic
Vocalist: musical theatre, pop, jazz, R&B, a cappella
Miscellaneous: stage makeup, licensed driver