Connor Dunlap



New York Water Taxi (commercial) Lifeguard (lead) Deverge LLC
Before They Were Killers (cable) Cultist (featured) Optomen / Discovery Channel
Macco (commercial) Teen (featured) Fusion Production Company
TheBetesNow (web series) Betes Guy (lead) DPAC


Idol (student short) Roommate (supporting) Dir. Josh Weeks / Fordham
Trophy Kids (feature) Jock (featured) Dir. Josh Sugarman / Ind.
Rewind (student short) Connor (lead) Dir. Kelley Locke / NYU
Kiss Chase (student short) Man (lead) Dir. Kelley Locke / NYU


Kid’s Choice Brandon Michelle Bossy / Primary Stages
What of the Night? Ray Lou Moreno / INTAR / Fordham
Eigengrau Mark Maryn Shaw / Fordham
A Story of Small Histories Rus Tomer Andorian / Fordham
Crossing Vines Vulture John Bezark / Fordham
Measure For Measure Lucio George Drance / Fordham
The Less Than Human Club Davis Sandy Turner / Actors Center


Education: Fordham University — B.A. Theatre Performance
Tina Benko, Kenny Leon, Richard Topol, Judith Dennis, Dawn Saito, Grace Zandarski
Improv: Upright Citizens Brigade
Morgan Grace Jarrett, Shannon O’Neil, Kevin Hines, Anthony Atamanuik


Live comedy (stand-up, characters), sketch comedy, stage combat, certified lifeguard, CPR certified, valid driver’s license, on-set production experience