The Jew Who Hates Christmas Hudson Guild Theater Liv Glassman, dir.
Johnny Hudson Guild Theater Tal Shashoua, dir.
An Evening With Robert Klein Chappaqua Performing Arts Center Robert Klein, dir.
Amazons and Their Men Fordham University Joseph Nasta, dir.
The Dreamer Examines His Pillow Fordham University Erik Petersen, dir.
The Tower Fordham University Jonah Stabinski, dir.


MacBeth ALD Elizabeth Mak, des.
Magnolia AME Barbara Samuels, des.
Fade to White ALD Kendall Allen, des.
Wally Weasel’s G.O.P Jamboree ALD Kendall Allen, des.
The Most Massive Woman Wins ALD Daniel Loveridge, des.
Final Placement ALD Daniel Loveridge, des.
Thoreau, and Other Assholes Co-ALD, Lighting Board Op. Cesca Wolos-Fonteno, des.
Anna Bella Eema ALD, Lighting Board Op. Cesca Wolos-Fonteno, des.
The Mojo and the Sayso ALD, Lighting Board Op. Cesca Wolos-Fonteno, des.
White People Lighting Board Op. Chad McArver, des.

Educational Experience

Fordham University Lincoln Center BA Theatre NY, NY | 2015-2019
Fordham Shop Light Crew Electrician NY, NY | 2015-2018
Metropolitan Playhouse Production Intern NY, NY | 2014-2015


Alan Edwards & Brandon Baker Cue & Narrative Fordham University, 2018
Alicia House Design Prod. Workshop Fordham University, 2018
Chad McArver Lighting Design Fordham University, 2017
Becky Bodurtha Theatre Design Fordham University, 2017
Chad McArver Form and Space Fordham University, 2017
Mattie Ullrich Drawing Arch. & Stage Fordham University, 2016


Chad McArver, Lighting Designer
Shaun Suchan, Master Electrician
Becky Bodurtha, Design Head

Special Skills

Lighting: Experience with Vectorworks 2016, ETC Ion, ETC Express, Hanging, Cabling, Focusing
Languages: Fluent English, Conversational Korean
Valid US Passport, Driver’s License


Fordham University at Lincoln Center
B.A. in Theatre
Design & Production | Lighting Design

The Tower

Photo credit: Emma Hasselbach

The Dreamer Examines His Pillow

Photo credit: Kyra Conroy

The Dreamer Examines His Pillow

Photo credit: Kyra Conroy