Annalee Tomanelli

Annalee Tomanelli

Height: 5’9”
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde

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Soccer Mom The Wolves Fordham Alicia D House
Dr. Henderson American Exceptionalism Fordham Mia Rovengo
Sarai Ishmael Fordham Kevin Hourigan
Fräulein Schneider Cabaret Fordham Sophia Oliveri
Reenie Flood Dark at the Top of the Stairs T&C Players Kate Fishmen
Ruby Gillis Anne of Green Gables T&C Players John Neuman


Michaela Get Ready With Me! Independent Sophia Oliveri


London Dramatic Academy Katherine Pogson, Kate Gartside
Fordham University LC George Drance, Matthew Maguire, Tina Benko,
Dawn Saito
Vocal training Philip Raymond, Joseph Ohrt, Therisa Smith

Special Skills

Alexandar, Clowning, Stage Combat, Shakespeare, Poi Balls, Accents, Dance