Amanda Tralle

Stage Manager

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Force Continuum

By: Kia Corthron
Directed by: Elena Araoz
Theatre: Pope Auditorium, Fordham University
Photo Credit: Gerry Goldstein
Scenic: Stephen Dobay
Lighting: Chad McArver
Costumes: Ari Fulton
Sound: Nathan Leigh

Lullabies and Broken Things

By: Adaire Kamen
Directed by: Daniel Winerman
Theatre: Kehoe Studio, Fordham University
Photo Credit: Joey Mendoza
Scenic: Alex deNevers
Lighting: Alex deNevers
Costumes: Nick Lawton
Sound: Marshall Taylor Thurman

“Master Harold”… and the Boys

By: Athol Fugard
Directed by: Drew Brandon Jones
Theatre: White Box Studio, Fordham University
Photo Credit: Caitlyn Murphy
Scenic: Vincent Gunn
Lighting: Katie Ryan
Sound: Anna Michael