Aja Singletary


Height: 5’5″
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown


MASSIVE WOMAN WINS Carly Fordham Theatre / Anna Michael
HISSIFIT (reading) Miku / Danae Cradle Theater Company
FORCE CONTINUUM Mother / Tamra Jane Fordham Theatre / Elena Araoz
RUINED Laurent / Soldier Fordham Theatre / Isis Misdary
MIDSUMMER Helena / Peter Quince London Dramatic Academy
AYKROYD Renn Primary Stages / Matt Dickson
SCRAPMETAL / SCARS Lady / Heroin / Payroll Fordham Theatre / John Bezark
COUNTDOWN Wife London Dramatic Academy
OH MY DARLING Cora Fordham Theatre / Patrick McNulty
IN A SENSE NONSENSE Gamma New Freedom Theater / Shanna Mavawise
A JOURNEY OF A GUN Shanell New Freedom Theater / Patricia Scott Hobbs


STARSTRUCK Dancer CAPA Dance Department
D.C PARADE Dancer Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc
ENTERTAINMENT SHOW (In Jamaica) Jewel Dunn’s River Resort
THE CREATION STORIES (In Panama) New Freedom Theater
ALKANYA DANZ Dancer New Freedom Theater
TG DAY PARADE Dancer 6ABC/Dunkin’ Donuts


Fordham University: B.A. in Theater Performance
Acting – Stephanie DiMaggio, Pun Bandhu, Daniel Alexander Jones, Matthew Maguire
Vocal Technique – Andrea Haring, Dianna Schoenborn
Shakespeare – Jeffrey Horowitz
Movement/Dance – Milton Myers, Graciela Kozak, Dawn Akemi Saito

London Dramatic AcademyFall 2014
Acting – Kathy Pogson
Shakespeare – Leo Wringer
Movement/Physical Theater – Sue Goodman, Ally Cologna, Angela Hardcastle
Voice/Dialects – Simon Money, Nick DeCola

Special Skills

18 years in Ballet, Horton, Jazz, Hip Hop (House Dance), West African, Tap, Contemporary, Gives Amazing Hugs, Learns Choreography Fast, Stage Combat with Court Rapiers, 16th­19th century English court dances, Conversational Spanish, Swimming